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Holidaze Party in Gold Hill Mesa

Holiday Party in Gold Hill Mesa

Genesis Medspas yearly Holidaze Bash has developed into an event that you can’t miss. 

You are invited (and RSVP) to join all of us at the Gold Hill Mesa exchange to enjoy free spa treatments, door prizes, wonderful food and lots of fun! 

Don’t forget to help others that are in need by donating to Santa’s Workshop. Co-RE Group – Colorado Real estate will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for children of military families with deployed active duty members. 

It’s going to be fabulous! If you haven’t been before THIS year is the time!

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July 4th in Gold Hill Mesa

Gold Hill Mesa 10 year celebration at the Penrose Event Center

This is what July 4th in Gold Hill Mesa looks like. Flags are out, the grills are going and everyone is celebrating.

While Gold Hill Mesa has a resident 4th of July pary/potluck , this year the developer decided to go all out and have a celebration at the Penrose Event Center as well as a resident celebration in the Gold Hill Mesa Community Center.

It’s fun with food, music and good people!

july 4th independent day

july 4th independent day

july 4th independent day

july 4th independent day

july 4th independent day
Every year there is “Music on the Mesa”. A free concert series reaching from the beginning to the end of the summer and well loved, not only by residents of Gold Hill Mesa but also by other Colorado Springs residents. They all come equipped with chairs,  sun umbrellas and food and drinks to enjoy wonderful bands and artists.

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10 Favorite Features of Gold Hill Mesa

gold hill mesa favorites

When I recently took a listing from a seller in Gold Hill Mesa, I asked -like I usually do- to fill out a small questionnaire about the home that I am going to sell and about the neighborhood the home is located in.  This is what the seller wrote about the Gold Hill Mesa Community

  1. Neighbors are amazing, friendly and inclusive.
  2. Dutch Brothers down the hill.
  3. Close to hundreds of trails – Hike and bike.
  4. Concerts on summer Saturdays in the evening.
  5. Parks that are close, but not too close to hear kids.
  6. Inexpensive taxi/Uber to downtown ($6)
  7. 10 acre Dog Park within walking distance.
  8. Summer rodeos within walking distance.
  9. Convenient location, close to Hwy 24, quick mountain escape or hop on I25 (5ish minutes).
  10. $15 a month Speedy Shine Car Wash on 8th Street.
  11. Hair Salon & Med Spa within walking distance.
  12. Gym & yoga classes at the community center. Many other gyms less than 5 minutes away.

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Telecommuting in Colorado Springs

Telecommuting (working from home) has been gaining momentum for several years and now large corporations are finding that telecommuting may be very beneficial for their company’s overall bottom line, as well as, employee satisfaction. With more and more families being able to telecommute, the ability to live just about anywhere they want is opening possibilities for families and individuals to move to locations that cater to their preferred lifestyle.

Colorado Springs is a favorite vacation spot for many families and they are now turning their attention to desirable places like Colorado Springs as a community to establish roots. Colorado Springs has so much to offer: gorgeous vistas, hiking trails, biking, top-rated schools, access to big city attractions, year-around sports such as skiing, kayaking, camping, fishing – to name a few. As much as the locals would love to keep this virtual heaven-on-earth a secret they can not. We have too much to offer!

middle age couple at home looking through books and papers

So if you are a telecommuter and you are looking to move to Colorado Springs, or you already live here but are thinking about better accommodations for your home office and family where do you look?

There are many factors that go into finding just the right home for each person’s situation however, there is one neighborhood in particular that stands out as a splendid choice for telecommuters or entrepreneurs working from home: Gold Hill Mesa located on the west side of Colorado Springs.

Listed below are reasons why we like Gold Hill Mesa (GHM) for the work-from-home individual:

Residential Fiber

Gold Hill Mesa is 1 of only 5 neighborhoods that have residential fiber available in the Colorado Springs area to date. The #1 priority to be able to work from home is to have reliable, fast, and secure internet service. After all, if you don’t have good internet service you can’t work and then the other benefits of working from home become moot. The last thing you need are moments when your internet becomes painfully slow and your wi-fi printer is printing at the speed of waiting for the last bit of ketchup at the bottom of a bottle to drip down, or you are in the middle of working online when suddenly the service goes down/slows down to the point that you get the dreaded “timed out” message. Trust me, as someone who works from home this happens far too often and I wish I lived in a neighborhood that had residential fiber available. Thus, residential fiber was a MUST in considering the best neighborhood for telecommuters.

A variety of home styles

A beautifully designed community gives you several options for living. Do you need a condo, townhome or a single-family home? All three of these styles are available in Gold Hill Mesa. When you are working from home, an adequate space for work that fits your business needs and the desires of your family are critical for your working time to be successful. Let us show you wonderful options to set you up for success in your business and work endeavors.

Overlooking downtown

GHM sits atop a hill that overlooks our wonderful downtown. Downtown is packed with pubs, cafes, locally-owned boutiques and galleries. Need to work off-site for a couple of hours or meet with a client? The best restaurants and coffee houses are only a 7-minute drive away. Not to mention a farmer’s market in the summer/fall months, as well as, regular festivities throughout the year!

A view of homes in gold hill mesa and downtown colorado springs

A view of homes in Gold Hill Mesa overlooking downtown Colorado Springs

Bear Creek Park

One of the best parks in Colorado Springs is in walking distance from GHM. Need a moment to step away from the desk and refresh your thinking? Bear Creek is like having a piece of the mountains in the middle of the city. Take a quick walk, run, or ride on your mountain bike through the majesty of this park; it offers well-maintained walking and running trails, a bubbling creek, large dog park, and many special events, such as concerts and races, throughout the year. It also has the largest community garden in the city with plots available to rent if you have a green thumb!Gravel path through green grasses, blue skies, and mountains

The mountains are at your doorstep

We will assume that as a telecommuter you have a strong interest in having the flexibility for experiences with your family or friends that you would not otherwise be able to enjoy. After all, you are living in Colorado Springs, surrounded by America’s Mountain and the enthralling life the Rocky Mountains have to offer. Hwy. 24 is just down the street, mere seconds from your new home, and takes you directly up Ute Pass and serves as a gateway to innumerable mountain activities that are within a short distance of your home. For example, the entrance to Pikes Peak is only a short 10-minute drive from GHM. Think of spending the day being mesmerized by breathtaking views from the top of Pikes Peak or waking up on a summer morning, throwing a kayak in the back of the car and paddling along one of Pikes Peak’s reservoirs and still be home in time for your 10 am conference call? And that is just the beginning of what awaits you in the mountains!

Lady in a red kayak with Pikes Peak in background

Kayaking on North Catamount Lake on Pikes Peak

Easy access to I-25/airport

Easily getting around Colorado Springs depends on how quickly you can access the only interstate in the city. The interstate is a brief 5-minute drive from your home in GHM and will take you to Denver or allow you access to major streets of the city quickly. In addition, catching a flight at the Colorado Springs airport is easy – less than a 20-minute drive. Important for telecommuting for those occasional business meetings.

Old Colorado City

Need a place to get away to brainstorm or have a meeting that isn’t as busy as downtown? Coast down the hill to Old Colorado City – the jewel of the city. The quaint, historic part of our city is quiet but don’t let it fool you as they have several wonderful choices of coffee houses, wine bars, and fabulous restaurants. In the summer they host one of the best Farmer’s Markets in the city at Bankroft Park every Saturday from June – October. Just a 2-3 minute drive from your home in GHM!

Multiple school choices

GHM sits on the border of District 11 and Cheyenne Mountain District schools. Looking for a private or charter school? Numerous quality choices are available within a short drive of this neighborhood. Need more assistance with learning about schools in the area? Here is a link with helpful information

A close-knit community

Gold Hill Mesa prides itself in a great community of families and individuals. We host special events every weekend in the summer at our centrally-located Community Center that are well-attended and enjoyed by all. In addition, the fitness center is a close walk from any point in the neighborhood. The beautifully designed homes and greenways throughout the neighborhood provides a warm and hospitable environment. We think you will love it!

You’ll be a “Westsider”

Those who live on the Westside of Colorado Springs will all tell you – there is something special about being a “Westsider”. We take pride in our communities, our land, our families. Many are active and engaging in the copious events available in the warmer months. Friendly, warm, and maybe even a little “colorful” at times!

From lighting fast, reliable internet to beautiful homes in a great neighborhood to be ideally situated for travel, entertainment, and outdoor activities – we can’t recommend enough the Gold Hills Mesa neighborhood for telecommuting and we invite you to let us introduce you to this gem on the westside!

I am a Realtor with the finger on the pulse. While I serve all of El Paso County, I am intimately familiar with Gold Hill Mesa. There are listings that are public and then there are owners who are thinking of listing, but aren’t 100% sure yet. I can connect you! Call/text or email me.

719-321-0800 or email

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Gold Hill Mesa: The New Suburbia

Gold Hill Mesa The ExchangeThere was a vision for the vacant site where the former old gold mill was located. What if a new kind of suburbia would grow in this space? Would it be possible to create a community that will sustain personal, economic and environmental health?

The Plan

There is a growing understanding across the nation that “sprawling” development patterns are not in the best interests of our nation and its people. Typical suburb infrastructure creates social isolation and auto dependency, forcing residents to spend far too much of their lives sitting in a car. Worse, these developments are built upon, and expand into, precious open land and wilderness.

With our land – so rich in history and the dream of pioneers-Gold Hill Mesa was not content to be just another development. Instead, their vision for Gold Hill Mesa is to be a timeless alternative to life in the conventional suburbs and utilize the European concept of life – focusing on community and engagement.

The developer set out to create a place where community thrives by using Traditional Neighborhood Design concepts such as: Pedestrian-friendly streets, plenty of green space, and walkable access to local activities, recreation, restaurants, offices, and shops.

The design emphasizes the importance of people vs the importance of cars.  This developer put the cars and garages in the back of the buildings so that people can be out front, interacting with each other.  Most homes have functional, raised front porches so that they can really enjoy engaging with passersby.

How is it working out?

The neighborhood is building up quickly and the developer’s goal for a strong community is coming to fruition: Lots of people walking, exercising and talking with each other. Neighbors actually know each other by name. The colors in the subdivision are vibrant and happy, lots of green space invites for community interaction. In general, the atmosphere is strong and this new ‘urbia’ concept seems to be the right way of life for many. New construction homes that are listed are sold quickly, existing homes that are listed are sold in near record time and price*.

*considering that the home is staged properly and priced right.

Like to know more? Give me a call at 719.219.9739 or contact me here.

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